Adult French and Spanish 70 minutes

Memories of an Hourglass

Co-produced by La Tortue Noire et Luna Morena

Right when the hourglass is turned, light and time begin to take shape. Four performers build, inhabit and annihilate ephemeral worlds that are set in motion like clockwork. Objects and humans are sometimes merged, sometimes opposed throughout an improbable dance. All bodies are fragile, vulnerable, elusive and evanescent. Memories of an Hourglass unveils the story of a complete life by juxtaposing memories, crucial and initiatory moments as well as fragments of destiny that appear here and there from death to birth, all presented both in a linear and in a disorganized manner. An impressionist and dreamlike theatrical journey filled with symbols that strikes one’s imagination.

Creative team
  • Director, Miguel Angel Gutiérrez
  • Assistant Director, Paloma Domínguez
  • Starring and Puppeteers, Martin Gagnon, Andrée-Anne Giguère, Dany Lefrançois, Sara Moisan
  • Puppets and Objects Design, Kevin Titzer
  • Original Score, Guillaume Thibert
  • Lighting Design, Alexandre Nadeau
  • Video Design and Handling, Andrée-Anne Giguère
  • Costume Design, Sara Moisan
  • Stage Play, Jean-Luc Nancy
  • Voice, Rodrigue Villeneuve
  • Stage Managers, Alexandre Nadeau or Isabeau Côté
  • Production Director, Marilyne Renaud
  • Set Design, Stéphan Bernier, Martin Gagnon, Kevin Titzer
  • Costumes and Acting Advisor, Guylaine Rivard
  • Choreography, Marie-Josée Paradis
Extracts from press reviews
  • «Between reality and fiction, it is an impressive journey full of tenderness presented in seven parts filled with great sound and visual poetry. A stunning performance that moves the deepest parts of our being. » -THEATRE ACTU, Paula Gomes, France
  • «It is a complete work of art. It shows tremendous ingenuity with objects and it presents a plethora of beautiful images that bring us back to our own lives… The Saguenay-based company reaches new heights with its latest production… It is indeed rare to see so many artists work together with such levels of cohesion… The impressive sound work is intimately linked with the quality of the videography. The meticulousness and preciseness of the actors are magnified by the creatures they set in motion, designed by Kevin Titzer. The play is filled with fragments of powerful and clear meaning as it is handled by a team in complete control of its art. We were deeply impressed by this work of art, which is both complete and universal, and we truly believe that it could position La Torute Noire et La Luna Morena as international points of reference. We could not insist more on how much this play deserves to be discovered. » -Blogue CEUC, Stéphane Boivin, Canada
  • « Four performers that not only act in this production but that also set in motion all objects and puppets at their disposal to create a perfect choreography… A production in which the original score appears as a strong addition… Throughout the show, a large number of objects are masterfully manipulated by the artists. The full-scale puppet, designed by Saguenay-born sculptor, Kevin Titzer, is just as fascinating as the way it is handled. Dany Lefrançois lends the puppet his legs and an arm, but it is with the help of Lefrançois’ colleagues that the puppet truly comes to life before our very eyes. The time that passes and the life that appears, grows and learns, before disappearing, is embodied by a puppet that fills the audience with pure wonder. » -LE QUOTIDIEN, Anne-Marie Gravel, Canada
  • « A poetic meditation on the notion of time and, I believe, on the precariousness of the current human condition, this play is full of powerful visual metaphors. » - SCOTTISH STAGE, Mark Brown, Écosse
  • «In the dark, a breath can be heard as a beam of light runs through the auditorium, evoking the first stages of an exploration. The turning of the hourglass brings to the stage the notion of time and, through the initiatory journey of a puppet, slowly sheds a light on the human condition. The ephemeral worlds are set in motion like clockwork thanks to the impressive work of four dedicated actors. The powerful images, symbolic, real or projected are an accurate reflection of the precariousness of our existence and of the growing virtuality in our modern societies. What drives mankind? What are we going to leave behind? Using their physical, evanescent or metaphorical bodies, the performers echo the movements and the souls of the fragmented creatures or objects they manipulate as they defy the elements of nature. A combination of impromptu births and deaths, precious breaths, a mysterious body that unveils itself like an open book, a choreography scholarly orchestrated with lovable characters and a two-people (or four) sensual dance! Between reality and fiction, it is an impressive journey full of tenderness presented in seven parts filled with great sound and visual poetry. A stunning performance that moves the deepest parts of our being. » - THEATRE ACTU, Paula Gomes, France
Presentation History
  • 2017

    Petit théâtre de l’UQAC, Saguenay, Canada
    Festival international des arts de la marionnette (FIAMS), Saguenay, Canada
    Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes, Charleville-Mézières, France
    Festival international Festin de los Muñecos, Guadalajara, Mexique

  • For their support during the creation of this play, La Tortue Noire would like to thank the Conseil des Arts du Canada, the Conseil des Arts et Lettres du Québec, the Conseil des Arts de Saguenay, the City of Saguenay, the FONCA, the Secretaria de cultura de Mexico, the Ministère des Relations Internationales et de la Francophonie du Québec, the National Assembly of Quebec, the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi and the Caisse Desjardins.

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