For all audiences, aged 12 years and older Wordless 60 minutes

Daïdalos, Theaters of A Maze

Here do we come from? Where are we? Where are we going? Are we lost?

Three curious explorators enter the stage, which quickly becomes a magical space where everything is transformed. Little by little, a maze takes shape and a labyrinth is built in your imagination as long as you accept to let go of your own ways. The adventurers open a number of doors, discover entangled worlds and merge with mythical creatures. Guided by a hero, they will go beyond the walls to confront the Minotaure, a monstrous creature half-man, half-taurus. If they can find a way out, they could very well set foot in the euphoric world of freedom.

The choreography of this show is constructed in a way that the bodies and the objects both contribute to the creation of magnificent images, through the art of puppetry, all of which is brilliantly supported by a beautiful original score.

Creative Team
  • Director, Dany Lefrançois
  • Stage Play, Jean-Paul Quéinnec
  • Manipulations and Starring, Dany Lefrançois, Sara Moisan et Patrick Simard
  • Production Director, Assistant and Costume Design, Sara Moisan
  • Sound Design, Guillaume Thibert
  • Movements, Dany Desjardins
  • Movements Assistant, Marilyne Renaud
  • Set Design, Chantale Boulianne
  • Lighting and Stage Manager, Isabeau Côté
  • Material Consultant, Jean-Pierre Vidal
  • Lighting Consultant, Alexandre Nadeau
  • Puppet Supervisor, Martin Gagnon
  • Intern, Valérie Essiambre
  • Graphic Design, Patrick Simard
Extracts from press reviews
  • « These are sixty minutes of pure exploration and of research on the relationship between human beings and objects. It is a theatrical research about the deconstruction of the actor’s body, its representation and the objects in which it projects itself. » -TITERESANTES, Cesc Martinez, Espagne
  • « Similar to a fantasy where everything is deconstructed, this last production of the Saguenay-based company synthesizes with brilliance the dreamlike universe. » – LE QUOTIDIEN, Joël Martel, Canada
  • « A lot of scenes are full of poetry, most notably those where the performers control the head of a puppet… It is done with such precision that we believe it to be alive… the illusion is perfect… We instantly get carried away by the beauty of the gestures. » – LE QUOTIDIEN, Daniel Côté, Canada
Presentation History
  • 2015

    Festival International Spectaculo Interesse, Ostrava, République Tchèque

  • 2014

    Théâtre La Rubrique, Saguenay, Canada
    Festival de théâtre FAIT, L’Assomption, Canada

  • 2013

    Petit théâtre de l’UQAC, Saguenay, Canada
    Festival international Festin de los Munecos, Guadalajara, Mexique

  • 2012

    Festival international des arts de la marionnette (FIAMS), Saguenay, Canada
    Centre des arts de Chicoutimi, Saguenay, Canada

  • For their support during the creation of this play, La Tortue Noire would like to thank the Conseil des Arts et Lettres du Québec, the Conseil des Arts du Canada, the Conseil des Arts de Saguenay, the City of Saguenay, the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi, the Caisse Desjardins, Stéphane Bédard, Dany Morin, Club Voyages Tournesol, Martin Gagnon massothérapie, Restaurant La Cuisine and ICLT.

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