Adult 16 years and older French 70 minutes Available for touring


Co-produced by La Tortue Noire and Théâtre La Rubrique

He is alone, famished, disproportionate. A repugnant man is convinced that he is at the center of a reality show and that he is being followed by camera crews. He then decides to feed on his own fantaisies and to commit the worst atrocities as he devours the emptiness around him before spitting it out in a thick cloud of words. This show takes a sharp look at our pathetic quest for identity in an era where the cult of egocentricity is at the center of our lives. At the heart of this theatrical proposition is a spectacular Ogre who holds, in his filthy and dreadful grip, the rest of the characters, seemingly unable to escape. 

The stage play Ogre was a finalist of the Prix du Gouverneur Général du Canada.

  • Stage Play, Larry Tremblay
  • Director, Dany Lefrançois
  • in collaboration with, Sara Moisan
  • Assistant Directors, Christian Ouellet et Marilyne Renaud
  • Along with, Éric Chalifour, Vicky Côté, Martin Gagnon et Sara Moisan
  • Puppet Design and Manufacture, Mylène Leboeuf-Gagné
  • Assistant to the Puppet Manufacture, Chantale Boulianne et Martin Gagnon
  • Set and Objects Design , Chantale Boulianne
  • Lighting Design, Alexandre Nadeau
  • Sound Design, Patrice Leblanc
  • Costume Design, Vicky Tremblay
  • Stage Manager, Isabeau Côté
  • Production Director, Marilyne Renaud
  • Production Assistant and Archiving, Valérie Essiambre
  • Technical Consultant, Guillaume Thibert
  • Graphic Designer, Patrick Simard
  • Text Editor, Lansman
Extracts from press reviews
  • « It is a great opportunity to discover both the very direct and efficient writing of an acclaimed Quebec playwright and the theatrical and scenographics work of these expert puppeteers. A show that breaks boundaries whilst resonating with our contemporary culture. » - LE MONDE, Christina Marino, France
  • « A strong, captivating and extreme form of theater with a definitive psychological impact. » – WORDS IN FREEDOM, Tommaso Chimenti, Italie
  • « This production is a feat in itself, as it pushes, with the help of its original technical et theatrical work, the fable to its climax. » - THÉÂ TRE DU BLOG, Mireille Davidovici, France
  • « An audacious show… A spectacular theatrical performance in many ways… With high praise to the performance of all its artists… A bare and resolutely modern direction. » – TOUTE LA CULTURE, Mathieu Dochtermann, France
  • « The Ogre initially appears as rather passive, before slowly coming to life and physically attacking the puppeteers, forcing them to enter his universe, in what comes off as a brilliant and thoroughly successful element of direction. » – MON THÉÂTRE, David Lefebvre, Canada
  • « The grotesque nature of his statements is only matched by that of his body… The puppeteers that control his head and his members, suddenly become his toys. He caresses them, crushes them or pushes them away as if they were mere figurines. » – LE QUOTIDIEN, Daniel Côté, Canada
  • « A mixture of reality and fiction, this caricature of our self-centered society did not leave anyone indifferent. » – LA PIGE, Élie Duquet, Canada
  • « As always with Larry Tremblay, it is a complete universe - here sadistic and cruel - that is brought to life along with a new language that is precise, incisive and evocative» – JEU-REVUE DE THÉÂTRE, Michelle Chanonat, Canada
Presentation History
  • 2023

    Maison de la Culture Janine-Sutto, Montréal, Canada

  • 2021

    Zones Théâtrales, Ottawa, Canada

  • 2020

    Mouffetard théâtre des arts de la marionnette, Paris, France

  • 2019

    Salle Pierrette-Gaudreault, Jonquière, Canada
    Festival international des arts de la marionnette (FIAMS), Saguenay, Canada

  • For their support during the creation of this play, La Tortue Noire would like to thank the Conseil des Arts et Lettres du Québec, the Conseil des Arts du Canada, the Conseil des Arts de Saguenay, the City of Saguenay, the Festival International des Arts de la Marionnette à Saguenay (FIAMS), the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi, the Caisse Desjardins, Karine Trudel, MaTV, Hydro-Québec, Le Mouffetard - Théâtre des Arts de la Marionnette à Paris and the Pilier des Anges - Théâtre Halle Roublot.

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