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The Witnesses

On stage is a radio studio from the 1950s where the actors of an extravagant radio-novel record a mysterious, dusty and sometimes comedic police procedural drama. Carried away by this melodrama, the actors reconstruct the facts presented in the murder trial of a man fighting for his innocence. The props of the radio studio (objects for sound effects, microphones, lecterns, technical control room, etc.) are suddenly brought to life as they portray the different characters of this story worthy of the great trials of the past century where mysteries remain unsolved and where any given citizen could potentially become a key witness.

It is a show that combines hand puppets, miniature puppets, acting and precise manipulation of objects whilst allowing the performers to work with a sense of freedom and in a playful manner.

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Creative team
  • Creators, adaptation et starring, Sara Moisan, Dany Lefrançois, Guylaine Rivard
  • Sound Design, Guillaume Thibert
  • Costume Design, Émilie Gilbert Gagnon
  • Lighting Design, Alexandre Nadeau
Extracts from press reviews
  • « The idea of presenting a play inside of a play gives the opportunity to appreciate both the presence and the work of the actors. With a rather sober general style and an original comedic touch, The Witnesses is the product of a playful direction. La Tortue Noire has made a trademark of making the most out of every element they use, whether it is acting or manipulation of objects, or both, to create strong and successful theatrical products. » – Françoise Boudreault, Revue Jeu 130, 2009
Presentation History
  • 2008

    3 représentations au Festival La Luna è Azzurra, Italie

  • 2008

    3 représentations au Festival International des Arts de la Marionnette (ManiganSes), Saguenay

  • For their support during the creation of this play, La Tortue Noire would like to thank the Conseil des Arts et Lettres du Québec, the Festival International des Arts de la Marionnette à Saguenay (FIAMS) and the Festival La Luna è Azzurra.

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