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L’Autre dans la cité

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Monologue for an egocentric puppet, text by Larry Tremblay
A ravenous and narcissistic Ogre reins over a mini-universe of which he manipulates. He’s at the epicenter of his environment and the outcome depends on his actions. Incest, suicide, murder:  All tragedies are connected in a grotesque fashion. The Ogre devours the surrounding vast void and verbally spews out: A monologue for a self-indulgent and an egocentric puppet.

“Larry Tremblay’s text invents a life, an entourage. In written words, ever-sparingly, debauchery emerges in grotesque and indecent fantasies.”
-VOIR cultural journal

Larry Tremblay signs his name to this admirable display of the media’s perverse effects. With Ogre, he adds a socially satiric notch in his belt.”
– Le Devoir, Canada

60 minutes / Between 250 and 400 viewers /  Adult / Stage size : L 30’ X P 20’X H 16

Script: Larry Tremblay / Direction: Dany Lefrançois / Direction Collaboration: Sara Moisan / Assitants directors: Christian Ouellet et Marilyne Renaud / Starring: Éric Chalifour, Vicky Côté, Martin Gagnon et Marilyne Renaud ou Sara Moisan / Design and manufacture of the puppet: Mylène Leboeuf-Gagné / Manufacturing assistants: Chantale Boulianne et Martin Gagnon / Scenography and objects: Chantale Boulianne / Lighting design: Alexandre Nadeau / Sound design: Patrice Leblanc / Costume design: Vicky Tremblay / Manager: Marilyne Renaud / Assistant manager and archiving: Valérie Essiambre / Technical advisor: Guillaume Thibert / Graphics design: Patrick Simard / Coproduction: La Tortue Noire et Théâtre La Rubrique / Executive producer: La Tortue Noire



An extraordinary event in public places.

L’Autre is a puppet of human size who wanders around your city in different shops and public places. It experiences daily life as if it were a human citizen through realistic actions. Beyond simple animation, the unexpected the presence of this « other citizen » is an experience bordering on the edge between imagination and reality. The unexpected presence of this life-sized puppet is impressive in itself.

“His gestures were fluid, strangely natural, what says length on the work which the puppeteers brought down in the last weeks. « – Le Quotidien, Canada

Animation blocks of 2 hours  / All audiences / Public place

Idea: Dany Lefrançois et Sara Moisan / Performers: Anne-Louise Imbeau, Martin Gagnon, Patrick Simard, Sara Moisan / Manipulation director: Dany Lefrançois / Design and manufacture of the puppet: Mylène Leboeuf / Costume design: Sara Moisan / Puppetry mentoring: Pierre Robitaille / Graphics deisgn: Patrick Simard


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La Tortue Noire


Presentation of the Company

Founded in 2005, La Tortue Noire continues to gather the experiences of creation, research and international tour experience. The object is the heart of the artists’ creation process. The object is the source of gesture, the staff on which the moving body’s melody is written. As they are also concerned with the actor’s work, the artists are looking for new approaches to puppetry and the actor/puppeteer relationship. Their shows combine acting, puppetry, animated forms and object theatre.

The company has created nine original shows, which have been presented in Canada, Italy, Mexico, Czech Republic, Belgium and France. The creations of La Tortue Noire have received many awards, including the Gallery Chagall Award, a major distinction awarded in the Czech Republic, for the show Kiwi,  »which brings puppetry to new heights ».

For more information : Dépliant Tortue Noire

  Artistic director: Dany Lefrancois   

  Executive director: Sara Moisan


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The Great Work

An alchemist conducts mysterious experiments from the depths of a medieval laboratory. From his magical hands, objects transform before our very eyes, his thoughts come to life and a mystifying universe is portrayed above his head. The alchemist’s cranium transforms into a bearer of visions focused on the creation of a new world, symbolizing the Earth. This non-verbal presentation through audio and visual ingenuity, depicts a pragmatic and meandering vision of humanity’s upheaval, an ode to création. 
Object theatre / 20 minutes / All audiences, aged 8 years and older / Wordless / Between 30 and 50 spectators maximun /  For technical specifications click here

Director:  Dany Lefrançois / Visual design: Martin Gagnon, Julie Pelletier / Sound design: Guillaume Thibert / Acting: Martin Gagnon / Puppetter: Dany Lefrancois


“★★★★★! Captivating and diabolically distracting! A clever visual theatre presentation, infused with meaning and discovery that unfold simple, yet truly mesmerizing theatrics. Proof that simplicity and quality can go hand in hand.” Toute la Culture blog

The Great Work  is a phenomenal alchemical parabola” Radio-Canada

Ingenuity without borders, limitless creativity. The images portrayed are wondrous and crystal clear […]. The sustained rhythm and music make for the perfect ambiance” Radio-Canada

The sheer beauty of the world and the ingenuity of the handlers unite in perfect harmony. Satisfaction guaranteed!” VOIR cultural newspaper


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Voici notre nouvelle affiche! Un visuel créé par Patrick Simard.

25 au 27 avril 2019 / Jeudi 19h30 /Vendredi, samedi 20h

Salle Pierrette-Gaudreault, Centre Culturel du mont Jacob, Jonquière

Réservations : 418 542-5521 |


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En avant-premières à la Salle Pierrette-Gaudreault de Jonquière, du 25 au 27 avril 2019




Représentations scolaires du spectacle Le Petit cercle de craie




11 janvier 9h30 et 13h30 et du  14 au 18 janvier  9h30 et 13h30
salle Murdock du Centre des arts de Chicoutimi.

5 au 7 février
Théâtre des deux rives à Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

12 au 15 février 9h30 et 13h30 et  le 18 février 9h30 et 13h30 
 salle Polyvalente de la bibliothèque de Jonquière.
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