Monologue for an egocentric puppet, text by Larry Tremblay
A ravenous and narcissistic Ogre reins over a mini-universe of which he manipulates. He’s at the epicenter of his environment and the outcome depends on his actions. Incest, suicide, murder:  All tragedies are connected in a grotesque fashion. The Ogre devours the surrounding vast void and verbally spews out: A monologue for a self-indulgent and an egocentric puppet.

“Larry Tremblay’s text invents a life, an entourage. In written words, ever-sparingly, debauchery emerges in grotesque and indecent fantasies.”
-VOIR cultural journal

Larry Tremblay signs his name to this admirable display of the media’s perverse effects. With Ogre, he adds a socially satiric notch in his belt.”
– Le Devoir, Canada

75 minutes / Between 250 and 400 viewers /  Adult / Stage size : L 30’ X P 20’X H 16

Script: Larry Tremblay / Direction: Dany Lefrançois / Direction Collaboration: Sara Moisan / Assitants directors: Christian Ouellet et Marilyne Renaud / Starring: Éric Chalifour, Vicky Côté, Martin Gagnon et Marilyne Renaud ou Sara Moisan / Design and manufacture of the puppet: Mylène Leboeuf-Gagné / Manufacturing assistants: Chantale Boulianne et Martin Gagnon / Scenography and objects: Chantale Boulianne / Lighting design: Alexandre Nadeau / Sound design: Patrice Leblanc / Costume design: Vicky Tremblay / Manager: Marilyne Renaud / Assistant manager and archiving: Valérie Essiambre / Technical advisor: Guillaume Thibert / Graphics design: Patrick Simard / Coproduction: La Tortue Noire et Théâtre La Rubrique / Executive producer: La Tortue Noire



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