The Great Work

An alchemist conducts mysterious experiments from the depths of a medieval laboratory. From his magical hands, objects transform before our very eyes, his thoughts come to life and a mystifying universe is portrayed above his head. The alchemist’s cranium transforms into a bearer of visions focused on the creation of a new world, symbolizing the Earth. This non-verbal presentation through audio and visual ingenuity, depicts a pragmatic and meandering vision of humanity’s upheaval, an ode to creation. 
Object theatre / 20 minutes / All audiences, aged 8 years and older / Wordless / Between 30 and 50 spectators  /  For technical specifications click here

Director:  Dany Lefrançois / Visual design: Martin Gagnon, Julie Pelletier / Sound design: Guillaume Thibert / Acting: Martin Gagnon / Puppetter: Dany Lefrancois


“★★★★★! Captivating and diabolically distracting! A clever visual theatre presentation, infused with meaning and discovery that unfold simple, yet truly mesmerizing theatrics. Proof that simplicity and quality can go hand in hand.” Toute la Culture blog

The Great Work  is a phenomenal alchemical parabola” Radio-Canada

Ingenuity without borders, limitless creativity. The images portrayed are wondrous and crystal clear […]. The sustained rhythm and music make for the perfect ambiance” Radio-Canada

The sheer beauty of the world and the ingenuity of the handlers unite in perfect harmony. Satisfaction guaranteed!” VOIR cultural newspaper

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